Monday, March 26, 2012

Foods for health and happiness

Ingredients you should include in your meal planning for future health:
-eat one lemon per day-
Vitamin C rich; helps increase HDL and is an anti-inflammatory
-eat potatoes often-
Folate and Vitamin A rich; fight cancer and boost immune system
-eat broccoli-
You know it's good for you because it tastes bad; vitamin K & C for healthy bones and anti-oxidants
-eat your beans-
Four servings of beans a week has proven to lower risk of heart disease by 22%
-more avocados-
Good fat, folate and fibre can reduce your risk of heart disease
-you're nuts: walnuts-
More good fat - omega3's reduce cholesterol, improve your mood, fight cancer and gives better skin
-dark chocolate.  Not just for the ladies.
Find a bar that contains dark chocolate, proven to reduce blood pressure and full of antioxidants and flavonoids.  LDL down and HDL up
-What's that smell? Salmon
Among the omega3 packed fish is niacin that has shown to fight against Alzheimer's and memory loss
-spinach vs lettuce
Lutein, zeaxanthin = eye health.
-garlic, lots of garlic
Natural disease fighter containing allicin; anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

Recipe for future happiness:
-drink a ceasar a day, make sure to add one lemon!
-add fries with that - sweet potato fries please!
-you drive to work, but you can't eat a stalk of broccoli?? C'Mon!!
-beans, beans, they're good for your heart ....
-chips and quac for your appetizer!
-desert should include brownies packed with walnuts
-spicy dark chocolate is manly and delicious
-can't remember ... should I order the fish?
-Popeye was on to something, pick a fresh spinach salad over romaine covered in dressing
-put garlic in everything.  More flavor, fewer vampires.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


We've had a great Winter and topped if off with an annual family trip to Mexico.  This year we checked out Manzanillo - an awesome place that I would visit again! 

Between Basketball, Hockey, B's event's and my work projects we flew through the cold months and can barely believe it's almost April. 

Quotes from the Winter:

Gage: That's what she said!
Emerson: (7:30 AM Hockey) - I don't like Hockey! and (Noon or later Hockey) - I love Hockey!
Brandy: I'm so glad I bought this jacket! (Canada Goose down filled) and (7:30 AM Hockey) - I don't like Hockey!
Dave: Looking forward to the lake ....

Here are a few pix of the week in Manzanillo:

Monday, January 24, 2011


Tanya ... moving quick
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Hangin Loose.
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Mango. Keepin it real.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Sturgeon Lake

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Look at that fine young beast.


Show me the car. Do it.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Second Annual Bacon Log

Another year has gone by and with it the annual Bacon Log was a great success.  Drawing on our knowledge of year one we topped ourselves with yet another delicious and tantalizing creation.

Noted changes:
-increase total ground pork content to 2 lbs
-tie roast with one piece string wrap technique
-cooked in dedicated smoker for 3 hours
-finish cooked in BBQ for 40 mins
-final 20 mins on BBQ Sauce glaze
-20 mins wrapped foil rest

The Log was tender, smooth and very tasty.  Step by step guide:

1.  prepare the bacon weave and season the pork

2.  take a moment to appreciate your ingredients

3.  complete the weave. 
you will eventually need to roll the beautiful weave up into a log shape; the roll tecnique requires something underneath the weave like either a sheet of aluminum foil, a flexible cutting board, or in our case a piece of plastic wrap. 
when you forget about PRO TIP I mid way through the weave - after the weave has been completed use another cookie sheet or serving tray to carefully flip the weave onto the rolling assistant media of choice

4.  once the weave is ready it's time to spread the seasoned ground pork

Don't be shy with the pork now ....

5.  while this is happening have some bacon frying up in the pan to add to the center of the log; this makes a nice little treat for your guests

6.  the smoked needs some wood chips; have these soaking for as long as possible (24 hours is best) so they produce a nice even smoke and don't burn

7. by now the bacon should be fried to a crisp and ready to hit the pork deck; it's nice to season and sauce here just before the roll.  Beer is ok during all steps, as a precaution against dehydration.

8.  have a few hands ready; now it's time to roll this up like a big pork smokie

9.  the weave needs something to keep it together when the bacon is uncooked; use string and tie like you know what you are doing

10.  your rolled and tied log should look like a work of meaty art:

11.  it's time to lift that log onto the smoker - don't be hasty! 

the log is dog friendly - any dogs no matter how big or small will be ravenous at the smell of your hands after the lift

12.  resist all temptation to open the smoker lid more that absolutely necessary - here is our first peek 1.5 hours in:

13.  after moving the log to the BBQ for the final cook and saucing, let the meat rest for about 20 mins covered in foil

14.  open the foil pack and wipe the drool off your chin.  It's time to cut and serve!

Notice the center cooked bacon and the smooth cooked ground pork

Post dinner expect a relaxing evening and a few diners to fall into a meat coma.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zip Lining

Gage and B - Zip-lining at Manitou
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Tube Rides

Always a good time riding the tube
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