Friday, December 15, 2006

Send off From Chennai

What a crew! We didn't even realize what -1 c was going to feel like, still +30 in these pictures.

See you all soon! Good luck in Germany (Elliot-McFayden) and good luck at the salon (Meghan-Jane)!

The Bus - Large and at the same time not large. We had 9 people and about 18 bags to stuff into this white Mercedes. Thanks Gregg for booking it! All sitting comfy like a can of sardines.....

I love the airport - we had two porters to manage 4 luggage carts. With the tip they made about 20 bucks, and it was worth every penny as inside we only had to stand in line and check in.


Winnipeg Bound

The bags are packed

The time has come

The bus is here

The sun has set

And we are ready

Lets get back home

And see some Snow

Not a rhyme, just some words.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Amy's final Thursday Ritual

The time has flown

The time has passed

Amy's last Thursday

Didn't really last

We tried to stay

We tried to play

At least we've had

Good times, not bad

Lets remember when

We first arrived

Lets remember Amy

How she was deprived

All outer sanity

has been removed

By three short months

of Thursday moons

PS I love pants

And Amy

You will be missed very much by this pseudo Indian family

Love the OMatthes Clan

And Dave's (Brandy's) pants

Sorry B
I made a small hole in the rear.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Got Fro?

This is real. The helmet. The quoff. The poufier. The Fro.

Touch it. Believe it. This is real.
Gage man and his prized do.
"I'm not cutting this thing until we get to Canada. Then everyone will say 'holy - your hair is big!!' Then I'm going to cut it short so when we go back to India everyone will say 'holy - you cut off your big hair!'"

Its Not Butter . . .

It's Not Nutella...
It's Not Butter...

It's Nutter.

Say it with me again ... NUTTER.

This is funny to me, this chocolate spread. This delicious treat.
I smile when I say it. NUTTER.

Nutter is a delicious spread, and it has many uses.

Taken from the actual jar label:

Direction: Spread it like dairy butter on bread, toast, pizza, etc.

Read it again.


You can enjoy many new sayings with Nutter:

Can you pass the Nutter?
Bust a Nutter!
Man, I really can't get enough of that Nutter.
Oh, damn! We are out of Nutter!

You know the best thing about Nutter?
It's healthier than butter.
Zero cholestrol, 100% vegetarian.

You heard it here first. Nutter is where it's at.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Suckers and Peanut Butter

We are getting closer to the fantastic voyage home, today is the penultimate Friday we will be here in 2006.

Had a fun day today; took the bike to work, Gage had a disco, I won a game of 10,000, Amy learned to drive.

Tomorrow we are off to Kerala with our fingers crossed it will be hot and sunny to enjoy the beautiful beaches to Trivandrum.

See you all soon!!!!

Love Dave

Check out this funny little video of Emerson playing in the car: