Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pool Fun

Its long past due - a tribute to the pool.

It has kept us happy and always been there when we need something to do, and man have the kids loved it! They both have learned to swim like fish (Gage a very strong fish; and Emmy just a little one) and have lots to do since there are so many other kids who just love to play with them.

Gage - we nicknamed this picture 'the Battle with the Koreans'. They all tried to dunk him over and over, but his skills are to great - Gage: 10 Koreans: 0

Emerson - this clip could only be called the cannonball. Love it, she is fearless in the water.

Just one more cute picture of her - a new set of googles and her 'apple swimsuit'.

And for the record Gage's hair is still HUGE. Hasn't cut even a piece since August. A couple of Indian squirrels just brought up a 42" plasma when he was sleeping, he hardly noticed.

Love Ya

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hot Dogs

Johnny and Chewie have been up to it again ...

All the nights I 'shoo'd' them away from the pool,
All the nights I drove by and honked my horn,
All the nights I never left a crumb or scrap,
All the nights we just kept on going.

They were in love!
It's a true romance.

Johnny wasn't chewing Chewie.

We thought she was a boy, with a tasty hide.
We thought she was a toy, with nothing to hide.

The litter was 6, but now only 4... they are small and soo so cute.
I think I like the little black one!

Danni - if only you were here, Little India would have a friend.
A place in our hearts might warm.
You could take out the ticks at night, and we would kick him around the hall.

Congrats to our resident stray dogs Johnny and Chewie!!

Happy Valentines Day

To Sweet B

Its another day of the year
Its one more day we have together
Its special because we are lovers
Its special because we are friends

Take my heart, its yours to hold
Take my mind its open for you

My love
My girl

Happy Valentines Day

Love D

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kolton Happy 6th Birthday!

Hey Kolton

I wanted to wish you a happy birthday from all of us here, 6 years old! I remember when you were just a little guy in the bassinet and your Dad had to throw the cat across the room because it kept trying to cuddle you.

Aunty Brandy told me you asked your Mom if Gage could come home for your birthday, I wish I could say 'sure!' but we are a long way away and we just wouldn't make it on time.

Instead of a birthday present you can unwrap, we just made you this short video. You will just have to wait while it downloads - pretend the whole time you are tearing the paper off of a great big box filled with sardines. Or hotdogs, whatever your mom makes you eat at night.

Love From
Aunty Brandy
Uncle Dave