Saturday, October 28, 2006

Diwali Week

I have been slacking on the blog entries, to all the loyal fans this is about a full week behind.

Diwali Week

WOW! I had a blast this week, literally. The build up to the festival of light has been amazing, all around town firework shops have set up shiops to make explosives easily accessable to the general public. Greg and I walked to our first shop on a Sunday afternoon and watched as locals were buying up huge boxes of crackers, and spending 1000's of rupees at a time. The shop we found is a larger size, just up the main RA Puram road. I think it was run by a family, the husband and wife working the counter and their child of about 5 or 6 years 'working the back'. I watched the kid hear what a customer wanted, and he would have to run up the shelves to grab whatever it was - the shelves were packed solid with stuff and it looked like a grand stage - with a little kid as the fast moving picker.

I started to ask for some stuff, not knowing what was what so I just pointed at whatever looked cool - here is a list of the names from our purchase:

7 shots
Letter bombs
Crackling king
Disco inferno
Black and whites
Sumo bombs
Flower pots
Fire pencil
Surveyor rockets
Hydrogen bombs
Whizz serpents
60 shot popcorn
Hitler crackers
Peacock crackers
Sparrow crackers
And of course some sparklers for the kids.

Here are a few visuals of the weeks nightly pyrotecnic shows we put on ourselves before the huge finale on October 21st: Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You Tube? You bet

WOW Google has made their bid and will take You Tube for a cool $1.5 Million. Not bad for a 2 year company that started in the garage!!

****Correction - that sale was for $1.6 Billion dollars. More dollars than people in India. ****Thanks Johnny!

I went to their site, signed up and put a video online just to see what all the buzz is about, it was really easy and now I can share with you a special video.

Here is the short training video of Daksh explaining to our new maid servant the requirements and wishes for working at the OMatthes house.



Saturday, October 07, 2006

A trip to Snake Park

What an adventure - this past monday (the 2nd of October) was Gahndi's Birthday. It is celebrated here in Chennai as a holiday, so I took Amy and the kids to the local reptile zoo called Snake Park.

Most of the excitement happened before we actually arrived at the zoo. It all started with the walk from the bubble to our closest taxi stand. Amy was feeling a little nauseous and dizzy, I asked if whe was ok or if she wanted to go back. With her reassurance we continued into the auto rickshaw and were on our way.

We were about 10 minutes into the ride when Amy asked me if we were getting close, I didn't know but when I looked at her skin a tinge of white was starting to show - As a veteran vomiter myself recongnised the situ and I aksed if she wanted to pull over.


Without any special place to stop, we pull infront of a tea stand luckily containing chilly bottled water of which I bought 2 bottles to help Amy wash out her mouth.

Onward we go.

Feeling better, we arrive at the entrance to the park and I pay our driver a whopping 50 Rupees and he drives off. As we start our short walk in I realize I have left my backpack containing Emerson's diapers for the day, my camera, some snacks and other items, in the back of the auto.


So I start to run after it ... the entrance road was about 300 Meters away, and I could still see the auto driving. Here is my internal dialoge of the run:

Yep there he is. F*ck why did I forget my bag in there?
Speed up slightly.
Mmm he is getting closer to the end of the road. My camera is in there.
Speed up again, running about 70% of full speed.
He is at the corner of the road, turning left. Sh*t. My camera is in there.
Speed up again, passing lots of locals on the way. A woman says 'ooh' and another 'what is happening?'
Auto turned the corner and is out of site.
RUN that might be the last time I see him!
I am at Full speed now, and I turn the corner to see the auto picking up speed on the main road. Luckily I can run fast, I made it up to the left rear corner of the cab, starting hitting it with my hand and yelled loudly 'HEY! STOP'
Driver turns his head in horror to see a sweaty white guy running and slapping the side of his ride yelling - about two seconds after that shock he smiles and pulls over.
'I forgot my bag', I said camly as I reached in and took out my backpack.

Being calm and cool I casually walked back to meet up with Gage, Emerson and Amy and passed all of the locals I had just sprinted past.
'Nice run sir'
'Scary sir'
'Very fast sir'
Just a few comments from startled looking indians.

I reach my team and we are off to the entrance. Gage was laughing a bit, Amy told me later that when I was about half way running he said 'if he loses that bag that's like a million rupees!'

We got to the entrance and paid the 32 rupee fee (which included a digital camera photo pass) and walked in.

At the first snake exhibit I ask Amy if she wants to just chill out for a bit, she says ok then vomits on the sidewalk, there goes all of the chilly water she drank on the way. No problem, I always say it is best to get it out no matter where you are. Using the rest of the second bottle we rinse and clean up Amy.

Gage in the background is gagging because he can not only see but can hear what is happening, that is enough to trigger his weak stomach.

After Amy finished and I was able to get Gage to concentrate on the Cobra show, we had a nice little morning.

Whew! Won't forget Snake Park.

Love Ya Amy sorry I had to tell the story!!!


Web Album to come, check out this link:

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Campers

Greetings from Chennai!!!!

Love From:
Brandy and Dave
Mom and Dad
Aunty and Uncle
OMatthes Clan Leaders
Sir and Madam
Parental Units
Mama and Papa Bear

Miss you all!!! Posted by Picasa