Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend at the Lake

Aaahh what a glorious breath of fresh air, the lake was great this weekend! Brandy went on a girls shopping weekend to Fargo and GF (that's Grand Forks) and I took the kids out to Lee River.

We had fun; we roasted marshies, we swam in the lake, we picked woodticks off our skin and we fixed the hot tub. It was awesome. I poisoned the driveway and managed to over fill the sink enough to wet almost the whole kitchen, which left me feeling somewhat silly ... oh well at least I still haven' had time to put the floor in or else there might be a little damage to fix.

The long weekender coming up should be good too; I will get McPig back to work and chop the long grass down and there will be huge fire in the back pit.

See you soon

Brandy and the shoppers about to depart ...

G Man having some fun with the marshmallow pokers....

Sunday, June 10, 2007


We are home. We are almost back on time, and all of us are feeling like the year went by in a flash.

All of our bags and things made it unharmed, and we are all enjoying the sunshine, clean air, delicious food and simplicity of the stores here!

However, I insulted my taste buds with an over priced under ripe mango from Safeway this morning. It was utterly dissapointing and made me long for a 10 rupee king mango off TTK Road..........

Here are a few shots of the journey back; starting with the tedious process of packing and closing the Chennai home and finishing with our Winnipeg home:

Lunch with the boys from the office:

Ladha and her family:

Brandy juggling weight and stuff between all 9 suitcases:

Me and the girls from Greyshot:

I already miss you Olivia!!!

Dan's new digs:

Gage and I took Dan here for his first night away from 'home'; ask him one day about losing 5 pounds to sweat and stubborness:

Thats all for now, a lot more to come when I have some (free?) time.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Winding down

The place is reminisicent of our arrival; the rooms are empty except for our suitcases and a few items left out. The days have seemed to fly by looking back as they always do and we knew they would; but our minds were not prepared.

We will be home soon; we will be back to Canada. We have grown and we will continue.

Love India.