Monday, July 11, 2005

Totally Clueless

Well it seems I have finally joined the blog movement, I am not sure whether it is cool or just a waste of time. I think someone out there that I know is interested in what I have to say, probably the first clue that I am not alone.

With the advancements in technology I have forseen that my kids will have kids who have either a chip or a scan device implanted in their bodies so that all of the civilized world can use them for direct marketing and for tracking their everymove (strickly for security purposes - sure) so if they end up on a plane that is going to crash into the new WTC I will know at about the same time the president of the USA does.

Anyway thanks for reading up on this feel free to browse or buy something while you are here, I am totally clueless about how the 'contact' portion of this works so if you can find it send me a message about space and the best way to get there.