Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Family Grid

Check out the grid of smiles and happy faces - we look like a great bunch!!

Thanks Wiz and Mark for an awesome weekend.

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Collage me - a diary of images

Enough of the verbal diarhea here is a cool pictorial of the Lee River Ratz Club.

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First Video?

Well here is the hot tub on video, I am just trying some new tricks from Picasa and I am impressed so far. Watch for some new pics of the cabin soon..

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Cute Girls

Amber and Jenna - you also made the internet. Amber keep out of those cookies!!

Jen when are we going back to the driving range? Tell your mom she is out of lip liner.

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True Resemblance

Well buddy you made the internet, I think you look like your Grandpa Harold in this pic!!

D'Arrgh!!! Also pass the cheese.

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Just one more please

Well Brandy will kill me for this but don't we have time for just one more?

Love ya B!!

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The Big Day

A Very Happy Wedding - The Ottawa weekend went off without a hitch and aside from the scarred hotel staff we all had a fantastic time.

Word of the night: D'Arrrgh
Scream if you see another: Bubble
Best Moment: Look of love in Wiz's eyes as she gazed into Marks at the end of their 'first' kiss
Longest Moment: Mark waiting for his bride to be to show up (felt like an eternity?)
Worst Moment: Nausia approching critical the morning after in the revolving restaurant (great food though!)

Thanks Sista for a great time!! Love your house and it will be beautiful when done. D'Arrgh!

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Campers

Kids are a blast - they can make a bad day go far away in a blink.

Next time you are feeling the pressure go bounce on a trampoline in your birthday suit, you'll see what I mean! Gage and Emerson havin some fun in the backyard.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Got Wood?

Aaahhh the aquisition of rocks and wood really does feel good...here's to all those years of carbon sequestration going up in smoke.

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The stone is up - not bad for the first time, I think I will start a company called Dr Rock and begin my masonry hobby.

I love when things turn out, also just fixed at the Lee River Ratz Club:
Hot tub heater pump
Hot Water tank elements

Oddly enough, about the same period of time my Hot Water tank at home exploded - must have been a sign! Now that everything is fixed I am ready to bless my sister for her wedding this long weekend (could have picked a regular weekend!!) (kidding) at least I will drink some rums and piss on some Ottawa grass for a change.

Happy camping
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