Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting there

Wow - January has nearly passed. I am dreaming of blue skies and calm water; and the low rumble of inboard boats.

The Sun has been getting higher in the sky everyday and that can only mean we are close ... closer to the warm breeze of spring; and with that means the green grass, trips to the lake and back to swinging the wrenches.
Can't wait ...
Here's some pix over Christmas and New Years of the Clan and Friends:
Emerson and Jenna looking like Sisters:

The kids on their handhelds at Grandma O's:
Emerson and Cassie with the Lizards:
Gageman and the Football obsession:

Emmy just chillin in the hamper:
Mom and Dad ... still lovers
Taking calls?

Mango the Dragon with Chochy
Me and the puppies