Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The new colour?

Wow! We made the local paper, the Deccan Chronicle. I am one step closer to greatness and world domination.

How it all happened:

We spent Thursday evening at an art gallery kick off party for a family member of our company out here where Brandy, Emerson and I had our pictures taken. We thought nothing of it at the time, I think all three of us just felt cool because a bunch of photographers were taking our pictures. Well I did anyway, and I actually thought they were trying to just take pictures of Emerson as she was looking really cute in her green and yellow outfit.

A couple of days later on Saturday morning I was leaving the office when Brandy calls me to say she received calls and remarks about us in the paper. On the way home I made a point of stopping at 5 places on the Bajaj to sweep up a copy, apparantly it was not easy to find a paper here. I was really excited when I finally found a little stand with papers and got a copy! Leaving the element of surprise open I stuffed the paper into by bag and saved the first view till I arrived back at the bubble.

When I reached home I frantically started thumbing though the paper - I went all the way through to the back cover. Behold! There we were! All checking out a nice little statue at the Gallery. Awesome.

According to the headline 'Chennai gets new colour' .... the new color is white?

As one of our favorite sayings go:
Only in India.

-Nearly famous white guy giving Chennai it's new colour.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gettin Goofy

I love this place - I have experienced more in the last 4 months than many have in a lifetime. I can't say the same for some of my team, these two are gettin a little goofy.

Love Ya

Sorry AMY!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On the Road Again

Aaagh I am on the road again
The winding climing road again
I can be free like the wind in the trees
I can honk at worshippers on their knees
I can yell at moving trucks and bikes
No more tuk-tuk searching hikes
No more waiting for drivers rides
I can jam and pass their hides
I can ride and honk at will
I can show off my skill
I am a man with a plan
I am here with my clan

And I have a Maruti 800.

Aaagh I am on the road again.

But have I told you this?
Its another sweet collection of rhymes.
If you don't care or don't have time,
F*ck off and at just drop me a line!
Of course I'm just kidding again,
I am known to do that now and then.
The point of all this babble
Is to tell you some fine drabble
Its amazing, its fast, its 100 CC's of rocket power.

BAJAJ. Say it with me . . . . BAJAJ.

Aaagh I'm on the road again.

So let me spin you one more time,
Let me tell you a few more lines.
We are kickin it live in India
The Maruti - Bajaj Combo
Indian Logistics are in effect!

Aaagh I am on the road again.

Peace from the OMatthes Clan

Monday, November 06, 2006

Double Take

Wow - India. This place is filled with people, and I think people around the world have real similarities that we can all relate to.

For instance I always have enjoyed a cold drink, and I ususally end up having a sleep not too long after.
Indian locals also enjoy the drink, and of course the sleep comes here too.

Double Take - Driving home a few days ago I saw a man laying in the road (the MIDDLE of the road) just inside an intersection who I thought was dead. Two days later I saw two men in the same spot, who also looked dead. WTF? Turns out they just chose to sleep right there on the road, which is outside a local wine shop.

Another example is driving during the day. We all have our moments of road rage, and I think even in India you are allowed to have a little rage.

Double Take - just a leisurly drive, going about 30KpH and looked left. What was unusual? I saw a man on a bike try to pass two other bikes - they got a little too close and the guy passing went through and crashed the two slower guys - each wobbled and swerved, they both were carrying passengers who calmly held on. After all regained control, the passing bike driver looks back and lifts his arms as if to say oops?

Had that happened in Canada, anywhere, can you imagine the bullets that would have been fired?

Anther driving example with motorcycles - just around town you see lots of bikes with two people; a man driving and a woman side saddle. you also see similar configurations but with a small child on the gas tank. Or a large load that a truck should be carrying like a door or a bunch of rebar or even tanks of propane (plural). The best is seeing families of 4, all sitting calmly on the bike travelling wherever they need to go.

Double Take - have you ever seen a white family doing the same?