Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Great Holidays

I took a few days off with the famiy, we had some great weather and a great time at the cabin once again. I think this is definitly considered my summer home!

Dan spent some time with us and we introduced him to water sports, he took on a role as a professional tuber ... and showed a fine display of tubery.

Gage, Dan's master trainer, shows him how it's done:

Emerson is famous for boat naps; she always makes sure she has her soother and blankie 'for a little nap on the boat'. Brandy has skills; her wakeboarding is getting awesome except for two scorpion falls that might have ended the season a little early (we won't say that the water is too cold for her!).
G man, gettin the boat ready for another TUBE session.Another favorite passtime of Emerson is playing in the car, she is doing a fine job supervising me pack up.
Stanozolol enjoying the sun and crisp air of Lee River.Little Emmy havin some fun with the sprinkler at home.