Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Wood::Grass and the mud pile

Ahhhh ... the summer heat has begun. I love when the lawns and trees have filled out and all you see is green grass and tall trees. The birds chirping have been part of the mornings and since there really aren't any bugs yet I am lovin it.

Alot to say ... pictures tell it better. Take a look and when you have time come on over to find out all that has happened in between.

Peace out

A bit of elbow grease and the deck is now a repellant force - beads and more beads of juicy water just sit on top.

I stained the deck.

Emmy on her 4th birthday - bubble time. Happy birthday love!

The yard has come up nice...thanks to the MUDPILE

It really looks yellow here ... wow, I have impressed myself. LOL

The new play structure at the lake; the kids love it and it was well worth the cake.

Thats all for now .... enjoy the sunset
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