Monday, March 26, 2012

Foods for health and happiness

Ingredients you should include in your meal planning for future health:
-eat one lemon per day-
Vitamin C rich; helps increase HDL and is an anti-inflammatory
-eat potatoes often-
Folate and Vitamin A rich; fight cancer and boost immune system
-eat broccoli-
You know it's good for you because it tastes bad; vitamin K & C for healthy bones and anti-oxidants
-eat your beans-
Four servings of beans a week has proven to lower risk of heart disease by 22%
-more avocados-
Good fat, folate and fibre can reduce your risk of heart disease
-you're nuts: walnuts-
More good fat - omega3's reduce cholesterol, improve your mood, fight cancer and gives better skin
-dark chocolate.  Not just for the ladies.
Find a bar that contains dark chocolate, proven to reduce blood pressure and full of antioxidants and flavonoids.  LDL down and HDL up
-What's that smell? Salmon
Among the omega3 packed fish is niacin that has shown to fight against Alzheimer's and memory loss
-spinach vs lettuce
Lutein, zeaxanthin = eye health.
-garlic, lots of garlic
Natural disease fighter containing allicin; anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure

Recipe for future happiness:
-drink a ceasar a day, make sure to add one lemon!
-add fries with that - sweet potato fries please!
-you drive to work, but you can't eat a stalk of broccoli?? C'Mon!!
-beans, beans, they're good for your heart ....
-chips and quac for your appetizer!
-desert should include brownies packed with walnuts
-spicy dark chocolate is manly and delicious
-can't remember ... should I order the fish?
-Popeye was on to something, pick a fresh spinach salad over romaine covered in dressing
-put garlic in everything.  More flavor, fewer vampires.