Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Christmas Feast will soon be upon us

I love this time of year; we all get a little crazy with drinking spending eating laughing and generally overdoing it. I know we call it the holidays and I love to celebrate with all of my friends and family, but isn't there more to this than meets the eye?

I can admit that I don't feel rested after a few days off compared to the summer time days off, I know when I look outside at 4:30pm it is already dark out, and I know I hate it when I hear everyone talking on the radio about the best matress deal in town. Maybe I should have gotten into the mattress business it seems to be flourishing nicely as during my drive to work I cannot hear less than three ads talking about why they have the best cheapest beds in the city!

At least I can say that among all of these things I can still smile and enjoy my life, things are great and I can't wait for a few days off to eat drink laugh and be tired.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Now on the lookout for two Hunters yielding unlicensed dangerous loaded weapons linked to a number of crimes committed two nights prior to gate night - please report all sightings or additional information. Also on the look out for a large green skinned human wearing purple shorts, could be linked to the crime spree. Posted by Picasa

Yep those are bananas

Well take a look it was the first time I actually saw fresh cut bananas rolling towards the market, the trees look like thick bamboo. Cool.

Taken from the front seat of a Honda City in Chennai, India.

Happy Hunting Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jetlag and the Old Monk

Well India has come and gone but the sights and smells are still circulating in my head. It took me almost three weeks to get used to the crazy time difference, laying in bed wide awake at 4AM everynight thinking about home and the chillies became a habit when I could have been just having another dark rum and coke...damn!

The more I come back to reality here in the peg the more I realize how lazy and lucky we are, I passed a construction site here that made me laugh: three white guys with safety shoes and vests on watching another white guy in a bobcat dig a hole.

The reason that is funny? You might be telling yourself ya so that is what I see all the time! India had to dig holes to, but it looked a little different: 50 people, most with barefeet, digging with hand tools and putting everything into large metal bowls on top of their heads to move it ten feet across the street. No bobcat, no safety shoes, no one watching the white guy work just watching the white guy with his jaw on the floor staring back at them thinking how lazy his own people are in Canada. All this for about 40 rupees a day if they are lucky. Find out for yourself how much that really is and remember that when you buy the XL double double from timmys.

One thing I do appreciate is the willingness to have a rum each night when the sun goes down, the smooth buttery goodness of Old Monk and coke makes for such nice mellow night I can't wait to start importing it to Winnipeg.

Me and the Doorman at one of the Hotels that serve the Monk and some damn spicy food

Monday, September 26, 2005

Botox and gelatenous grey matter

Well it is time to get back into blogging it seems. I can't personally believe it is rapidly approaching October again, if I had tomatoe plants I would be in a fritz to cover them with burlap each night as there has been frost on my windshield already.

Good thing I don't have any. I feel as though my creative side has slept in and I cannot concentrate for more than a few minutes on any one thing; but I managed to drink 3 coffees before 9:30 I wonder if that has anything to do with it...

I read a story last night called He Who Shrank from an old collection of short stories that Isaac Asimov liked before he was a famous writer. It is really crazy, about a scientist in the 30's who invents a potion that makes you shrink infinitly small. His theory is that our world is the molecular make up of a larger world so by shrinking we will also find out that our world is made up of an infinite number of molecular worlds each with their own materials, history, civilization, technological advancements, etcetera as well as their own molecular worlds. It could drive one mad to over think this theory but I found it to be a relaxing bedtime read. The last paragraph I read went something like this:

"So I passed from this world of machines - the world that was an electron on a grain of sand that existed on a prehistoric world that was but an electron on a microscope-slide that existed on a world that was but an electron in a piece of Rehyllium-X on the Professor's laboratory table."
-Henry Hasse, 1936; Teck Publishing Corporation. Taken from Before the Golden Age Book Three collected by Isaac Asimov, 1974

Pretty deep stuff, but could be related to many stories and movies that would captivate an audience of today, problably make the top movie of the weekend or the NY Times best seller list 5 weeks running.

So for anyone out there with excessive sweating, funny lines in the forehead or eye region all we need to do is have a guy with a needle ram some Botox in and life will be easier. Think about all of the worlds you would find if only we knew where the secret fomula for the shrinking potion was - probably stuffed behind your jar of gelatenous grey matter in the food cupboard.

Happy Shrinking

Monday, July 11, 2005

Totally Clueless

Well it seems I have finally joined the blog movement, I am not sure whether it is cool or just a waste of time. I think someone out there that I know is interested in what I have to say, probably the first clue that I am not alone.

With the advancements in technology I have forseen that my kids will have kids who have either a chip or a scan device implanted in their bodies so that all of the civilized world can use them for direct marketing and for tracking their everymove (strickly for security purposes - sure) so if they end up on a plane that is going to crash into the new WTC I will know at about the same time the president of the USA does.

Anyway thanks for reading up on this feel free to browse or buy something while you are here, I am totally clueless about how the 'contact' portion of this works so if you can find it send me a message about space and the best way to get there.