Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August and the Moon

What incredible light the moon has cast on us the past two weekends; during this waxing phase I thought there were street lamps shining down on us!!

A nice little fire with the Moon in the back ground

Here are a few pix from our adventures marking halfway through August; Gage has embraced his football and he is part of an awesome team. He is the defence master and is picking up the plays really fast. If you ever want to watch a game email me or Brandy for when and where.

Eric busted out uncle Jerry's old helmet for the stands (incase any rowdys got out of line!)

Emerson and Baby Ava were cute as can be...
Back at the lake the old Pig Roaster was home to about 50,000 wasps; I got out the foam and took care of business. I managed to get away with just three stings during the whole ordeal!Another beautiful sunset...

See you at the lake

Friday, August 08, 2008

Pog Bloggin

Holy Crap - August. Time flies when you are having fun!
Summer is going great and I am augering in to the new J O B with some good feelings, I think all of the Spring Changes will turn out to be a blessing and I hope B finds the same.
A few pics from the last weeks of July:

The kids were TIRED after playing hard all weekend together; it was hot and the J man was sick. I think they all had piles of fun.
Gage and Emmy enjoying some smore's
Emerson looking relaxed on the couch with some AJ
Sweet B on the surfer ...
Trev's Van around the camp fire

Peace out