Monday, May 26, 2008

Lake Weekender

Another great weekend at the Lee Riviera .. .. ..

If the Red Wings keep up their pace it will be a disappointing streak for the Penguins; I watched game one at the Brown's and game two just now at home and I am not impressed (only because I am cheering for Pittsburgh (only because B is cheering for Detroit)).

I pretended to be a master angler during the 2nd intermission on Saturday I caught 3 fish off the dock - a new record for myself, and it made up for a bit of fishless years in the past.

We ate like kings and enjoyed the weather, all is well and into another week.

Emerson looking tall on a morning walk

Gage and Miles (or is it Justin?) on an Orc hunt

Matty B and Karis' new purchase (Congrats again!)

Supervisor Brown - doing what he does best.

Gageman taking a little break with Fire Emblem

Mama and Emmy enjoying a little sleep in the morning sun

G playing with some cards ..

Emmy enjoing the freedom of swings


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Berry Picking

Blackberries - the way of life. Can you imagine a world that didn't have radio waves and electronic devices to amuse our central data processing clusters (a.k.a the HUMAN BRAIN)?????

I look at this picture and imagine a daily routine that might not depend so heavily on faceless communication, on words typed through traffic and meetings, on messages driven by emotion and pressure and the immediate need for answers.

I am not sure how I feel about it and how it will change the '9-5' stress, but I am open and ready for the path in front of me and all that it brings.

There are the days that I have a severe case of phantom vibrate in my right hip ... and I have been caught checking for messages that don't exist simply through forced routine. I am ready to make a change and grow; ready for new information - challenges - relationships - sucesses - fears - memories.

-Happy trails

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