Sunday, December 21, 2008

Garage Woes

It's Cold Out There

Glad that plastic breaks before metal; my Garage door has decided to eat the gears up so we are manually opening until I finish switching out a few pieces.

Thanks to the fantastic Sears Parts Department I was able to get the replacement kit the next day...too bad it's -39 out and bare fingers seem to get a little chilly in this weather! I will wear some sweet gloves from Princess Auto this afternoon and get er done.

The gear - chewed, stripped, ravaged...

The new piece looks nice and fresh

The Kit - all I really needed was the bigger gear but you must buy the $36 kit to get it...oh well

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Meteor - rock from space

I missed the actual sighting; I have seen a few meteors in the past but this one seems to have spurred alot of talk.

Here is about the best of the video sightings taken from a Police Cruiser dash cam in Edmonton; it shows the tail and movement of the meteor as it enters our atmosphere.

What a sweet light show! I am amazed at the brightness of the burn and can't even imagine what something big would be like if it had a chance to hit Earth.