Monday, September 24, 2007

Birthday Shootings

A great gathering - Daren/ Nigel celebrate getting older by shooting each other with hard little paint balls.
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Friday, September 07, 2007


It's friday night and although I am usually at the cabin relaxing over a large fire this evening is different. I am at home and playing on the computer so I have time to talk about some things on my mind lately.

First off - Facebook. This site is CRAZY and I realise the impact it is going to make to humans. Take a closer look: you have Google the creative, innovative monster that has pushed the envelope and basically ruled search since inception. Their development team has immense strength and knowledge. They are young, driven and on top of everything on the up and up. But they haven't really done anything like Facebook. I admit I am midly blown away by the ease of use, presentation and walk through I am able to see everytime I login. I consider myself a power user of the web but I know first hand that Facebook is so easy to use ANYONE can get on and connect with friends/ family/ foes/ the past in a very short time - it really only takes one invite and you will start the chain reaction that so many people have nicknamed crackbook. So why hasn't Google made one? They bought one; Orkut - but in my opinion it is CRRRAP.

Second - Myspace. Such a massive network, sold for a record amount of money and was probably a decent networking site .. until Facebook came along. I have tried and tried to get into Myspace but I just find it too clunky and difficult to manouver. It is hard to find friends, hard to add things, and they deleted my profile 4 times for no apparant reason! I have given up on Myspace for the time being. Now imagine someone without alot of web experience trying to figure it out...not saying it hasn't been done; it is in the top 10 traffic spots online still today. But it isn't easy.

Third - Google. Wow. These guys buy a company just about everyday? And look at how crazy the YouTube deal was. Oh wait, don't forget how much crazier the doubleclick deal was. To really push themselves it has been said anonymously that Google is the only one on the horizon who could remotley have a chance to make a run at Microsoft.

Last - Microsoft. Double Wow. After delivering such products as Vista and Office 2007, these guys make the industry push hardware standards to the next level just so their stuff could run. I mean quadcore laptops and 8Gb Ram? I still hear stories from my Dad about the hard drives of his day that were in the Kb.

Just some stuff to think about.
Catch you at the fire
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A day and a night at the fire

This time we had fun in the sun and it went all the way through the night till the fire. Another great weekend.

Me and Emmy goofing off at the Lac du Bonnet park.

Emmy and her 'dog' going for a slide.

Yoga anyone?

So cute! Found you...

A fine dinner and general overeating, Mom and Dad Matthes finally made the journey.

Yes we are taking our own picture ....
Dan playing in the shadows

Yes we are still lovers ...
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Mom and Emmy playin
Jumping pigtails!
B's fire skills are awesome.
Gage and Emerson debating the theory of general relativity.
Dan just found out his dal was burning. WHAT?!