Sunday, June 10, 2007


We are home. We are almost back on time, and all of us are feeling like the year went by in a flash.

All of our bags and things made it unharmed, and we are all enjoying the sunshine, clean air, delicious food and simplicity of the stores here!

However, I insulted my taste buds with an over priced under ripe mango from Safeway this morning. It was utterly dissapointing and made me long for a 10 rupee king mango off TTK Road..........

Here are a few shots of the journey back; starting with the tedious process of packing and closing the Chennai home and finishing with our Winnipeg home:

Lunch with the boys from the office:

Ladha and her family:

Brandy juggling weight and stuff between all 9 suitcases:

Me and the girls from Greyshot:

I already miss you Olivia!!!

Dan's new digs:

Gage and I took Dan here for his first night away from 'home'; ask him one day about losing 5 pounds to sweat and stubborness:

Thats all for now, a lot more to come when I have some (free?) time.


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