Monday, July 07, 2008

It's a beautiful day

Yee Haw!! Happy Canada Day!
Matty Brown - you made B's day. Cleaning is on the horizon!

Its been a great week; with B and the kids off I am the commuter man. I love coming home to the cabin ... we ate supper and hit the water every night this week. Tube/ ski/ wakeskate/ wakeboard/ swim/ whatever it has been awesome!

Special thanks to B for the smores ... the best portable treats (she puts a top on them like a sandwich)

The doors turned out awesome - thanks again to Trev for the mortice templates and tools! PINE ... I smell PINE!!

Another one bites the dust...Jeremy is gettin hitched and we had the classic pizza/ paintball gathering. Nothing like shooting your friends with paint.

My dancing queen ...


Gage was all over the bike this weekend ... he is loving two wheels and I will try to have a bike everywhere we go now! Way to go G :)

Swingers. Watch out for the monster....


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